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How To Make a Paper MOVING FLEXAGON - Fun & Easy Origami

Browsing these various magazines a person will likely find beneficial origami details. Other magazines that might have information about origami are mathematical and technical publications. Because this concept is used in many modern day situations, occasionally these magazines may print related articles. With this in mind they went on to develop computer programs that are capable of doing all the math necessary to generate crease patterns for any base from a given length and area arrangement. With the aid of computer programs using intricate mathematical theorems origami has become as much a puzzle as a piece of art. Buddhist monks brought paper with them to Japan in the late 6th century along with the art of paper folding. Although paper was very expensive it was still used quite extensively in Japan especially in its architecture with paper screens, doors etc. The Shinto religion incorporated the use of origami in its ceremonies and these shapes have remained unchanged for centuries. Origami is a fascinating activity which involves folding paper in specific patterns and sequences to achieve a particular goal. However interesting it may be for some people doesn't mean origami is for you. This activity requires the individual to possess or work on certain skills. In order to take on any origami project you must be patient. Many of the Origami models back in the Edo era were made possible only due to the use of Washi. Washi is a very strong Japanese paper, which unlike the western papers didn't tear easily when being folded. Without the Washi paper the folders would have been unable to do models such as The Catfish or the Water Lily. As long as the instructions are followed precisely the project should be a success. To insure an origami composition turns out right, no step can be left out. It's a series of folding steps that produce the suggested result. There are plenty of people who are fascinated with the art of origami. In some cultures, particularly Japan, the art of origami is very significant. 

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