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600 Watts ON GRID Solar Panel Installation Philippines

The sun is known produce solar energy that is over 10,000 the energy that our planet could produce. This means that there is no real shortage on viable solar energy that you can use in the future. However, how you apply solar energy could affect how much energy and electric power you consume. Problems of Solar Energy One of the challenges that solar energy needs to hurdle for the future is the problem of space. Is Solar Energy Systems Financially Viable? One of the main things that people look at when it comes to alternative sources of energy is whether it is financially viable or not. Getting a solar energy system for your home or work place these days would actually help you save some money on the total cost of your utility bills annually. The home also has to be designed to reduce barriers to air paths through the home to let natural ventilation in. You need to use the right type and size of windows to reduce the heat during extra hot days. Landscaping and structural features can be used to make shade. The home also has to be insulated well to keep the right temperature. You can choose to make your own or just purchase one from top manufacturers. The Stand Alone System There are small stand-alone electric systems that are very good at giving economical electricity. These systems are mainly used to power RV, lighting, backup power systems, portable power systems and cabins. A number of technologies, like the solar thermal concentrators, include an element of thermal storage, such as molten salts. These come in the form of heat and are considered as store spare solar energy that can readily be made available overnight or at times when solar power is not available to create electricity. Solar Energy Net Metering Net metering is actually a means for people who use solar energy to power up their homes or work place to be able to sell back to the utility company whatever excess electricity that their home or work place is able to produce using solar energy technology, but is not able to use up. 

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