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Brain Games and Workout - Train your Brain - Part 1

If you can, also include activities that address areas for short-term and long-term memories, critical thinking, visual and spatial orientation, calculation and language. (6) Teaching the brain new tricks can also help. Learning a new language, music lessons, or teaching yourself how to use the iPod can contribute to building new brain circuits. Which is why anxiety and depression are associated with cases of death in the country. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illnesses, about 15 million Americans had depression. While about 40 million American each year suffer from anxiety according to the Anxiety Disorder Association in America. Was it the same as the one two or more positions ago? At the same time, participants heard spoken letters and their task was the same as the one in the visual form, only this time it was spoken (in audio). The process is actually two independent modality streams running simultaneously. The tasks were adapted in a way that when participants performed well, the task became harder. Rev the reasoning engines in your brain and control yourself to speak calmly without presenting too much emotion. Tap on your logical and rational side in order to produce a detailed dissection of your chosen topic. Do this religiously and you ll be surprised at how much improvement you can attain. If you re not up for a verbal examination try painting but do not perform the whole canvass thing the way your right hemisphere will tell you. The nomadic nature of early human civilizations contributed in their fight for survival especially under harsh conditions. Constant travel from one place to another aided them in developing tools that can amply support their needs in adaptation and progress. Furthermore, the constant movement by these ancient groups allowed them to have a more diverse diet leading to better brain nourishment. Although, it would mean that their way of thinking is done in a non-logical manner. While during the concrete operational stage, children would be manipulating symbols in a logical thought. On their formal operational stage, intelligence is related to the abstract concepts. By understanding the stages of cognitive development on children, it would give parents an understanding on when to introduce children into exercises that will develop their cognitive skills. 

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