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UCLA’s memory expert reveals the truth about brain-training apps, crossword puzzles, and sudoku

Reliable improvements had been noted at 87% in speed training and at 74% in reasoning training. These improvements in mental acuity had been detected for about two years or more by the authorities. Long-term effects In short, these improvements in brain abilities (better memory, better problem-solving skills, and better concentration) after training have roughly counteracted cognitive decline that older people (even those without histories of dementia) are known for. Spatial intelligence The Rubik s Cube is one very challenging game that will not only stimulate your sense of space (what goes where) and foresight (what to move first), it will also force your sense of logic (why should I move this side first?). And lastly, it will also stimulate your visual memory and reasoning. While about 40 million American each year suffer from anxiety according to the Anxiety Disorder Association in America. Emotional brain training is actually a cognitive therapy which enables the brain to respond to stimulus, positively and healthily without triggering anxiety. Usually relaxation techniques are used to ease the anxiety attacks and moments of depression. The other abilities that were found to have improved concerned on reaction speeds, spatial recognition, verbal abilities and heightened self-control. Brain training exercises had been known to improve such cognitive abilities as memory and learning. They were also known to offset diseases like Parkinson s, Alzheimer s and dementia. Learning-disabled On the other hand, medical authorities are now looking into the big possibility that another set of senior citizens today have learning disabilities. The causes are totally different, however. These are the healthy older adults who do not seem to be victimized by any mental deterioration through disuse or other forms of neglect, disease or other causes. This software can also be referred to as your brain trainer. Getting a brain trainer could cost you, but there are also other exercises you could engage in which would set your brain into action. Brain games and exercises like solving puzzles, logical-thinking games, card games and board games could help your mind. 

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