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75 Brain Exercises to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Run the figures in your head to make sure that your brain is far from rusting. Memorize contacts and addresses which may come in handy when your phone s dead. Observe the relaxation that visualization has to offer. Along the way you have the chance to sharpen your mental capability. Choose a place or object. Develop a habit of engaging in a stimulating talk with a friend or colleague. Take on new hobbies and master new skills. Welcome something new such as learning a foreign language or art. The given actions will improve the blood flow in your brain thereby strengthening the synapses between the nerves. In May 2005, Nintendo debuted Brain Age in Japan, where it reached initial sales of 43,000 copies which eventually reached millions after its international release. A study in the University of Bern, Switzerland proved that fluid intelligence can be improved through different brain games and exercises. When developing muscles, exercise is needed to develop strength and flexibility. The same goes for the brain, different exercises would help sharpen the memory and enhance focus and concentration. In a brain training program, you would have an idea on the present status of your brain. There are some software for brain games which would help you get an idea how old your brain. Interdependent components However, today s medical practitioners believe that brain training does not depend wholly on mental exercises which were used to stimulate the brain and develop further its cognitive power. Just like regular programs for regular individuals, brain training was found to be most effective when all of the five interdependent components are carried out in full. This training is important to help them distinguish the difference between the letters. One of the biggest problems of dyslexics is how they distinguish letters with almost similar sounds. The words are broken into sounds and they are exaggerated or slowed down to put emphasis n the sounds. After the training, the students participating experienced an increase in their language and reading exams. 

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