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The following are some of the regular and more common forms of brain training activities. Memory test Memory tests are always fun, and helpful. Test your memory and while you are doing the games, you shall also stimulate your brain, and grow more neurons. Some games that are favored by the older adults are those of remembering faces and names and other images. Moreover, energy production is improved along with waste excreting processes. Studies involving elderly women indicate that those who moved away from the sedentary lifestyle and slipped on their walking shoes manifested lesser chances of memory loss and reduced mental functioning. Walking and stair-climbing were combined in an experiment in the University of California. Brain training, however, is not a standard program for everyone. A particular brain training program may work for one person, but may not yield significant effects on the other. This is the reason why brain training would start with knowing your brain and getting an idea what would be suitable for you. The other abilities that were found to have improved concerned on reaction speeds, spatial recognition, verbal abilities and heightened self-control. Brain training exercises had been known to improve such cognitive abilities as memory and learning. They were also known to offset diseases like Parkinson s, Alzheimer s and dementia. If a child is struggling in school, their attitude and outlook go out fast. Surly, argumentative, and problematic (at school and at home), the child finds everything to be a chore. This happens because of his weak memory, weak reasoning and logic skills and in holding his attention. As a result of brain training, his healthy advantages swill translate into better physical reflexes (in sports and everyday action) and mental alertness in dealing with many of his life s problems big and small. The right part of your brain houses the subjective artist and the intuitive entity in you. It triggers visual processes that allow you to see beyond the actual image at hand. With your innate ability to mix and match varying forms of ideas as a right-brained person you are able to establish a big picture which is commonly neglected by your lefty counterpart. 

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