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SmartGames - How to play Brain Train

Chronic stress could also cause neurons or brain cells to die. Chronic and long-term stress could hurt the brain function such as memory and motor skills. Stress could also affect ability to focus and concentrate. Relaxation techniques, exercise and a healthier lifestyle could actually help in relieving stress. Aside from improved memory, there are studies showing brain training also had an effect on the mind s alertness and ability to remain in a positive mood. Brain training, however, is not a standard program for everyone. A particular brain training program may work for one person, but may not yield significant effects on the other. There are different kinds of brain exercises which can be used like puzzles, optical exercises and illusions, math, reasoning and language exercises. Brain training is also not only mental exercises. Physical exercises are also important in developing better mental health. Exercise would feed oxygen to the brain, making the blood flow more efficiently and result in growth of new brain cells. It is a logic-based puzzle which would require you to place numbers in a 9x9 grid. It was popularized by the Japanese company Nikoli in 1986 until it became a hit in 2005. Crossword puzzles. Solving crosswords would help develop different skills like vocabulary, spelling, reasoning, identifying similar and connected words and phrases. Brain training would help children in organizing and logical thought, reasoning and even executing functions. According to psychologist Keith Gibson, Ph.D., helping children develop their cognitive skills even before going to school would help them achieve academic success. In fact, it is important to stimulate the brain since birth. Compared to those untrained, these participants were able to do such skills as cooking, managing finances and using their medications. Reliable improvements had been noted at 87% in speed training and at 74% in reasoning training. These improvements in mental acuity had been detected for about two years or more by the authorities. 

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