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14 Brain Exercises To Improve Your Memory And Logic

Karlene Ball, different brain training could help in improving memory. In their research, there were four groups of people. One group was the control, receiving no kind of training. The remaining three groups had different kinds of memory trainings. According to the research findings, the three groups that received memory training showed improvement in their mental functions. There were several mental areas that have improved and were listed down. The improved areas were those that dealt with short and long-term memory, problem-solving skills, and judgment centers. The other abilities that were found to have improved concerned on reaction speeds, spatial recognition, verbal abilities and heightened self-control. The transfer was the most exciting part of the research. Brain training puzzles In many newspapers today, there are many brain training puzzles found. There are new generations, too, of video games and consoles such as the Nintendo DS in the hope that they can keep alert the elderly minds. Many of these will no doubt improve memory and there is now speed in solving puzzles like the Sudoku. Other benefits Brain training not only targets old people but also those regular individuals who have a wide range of mental conditions that needed to be addressed. These modern-day mental troubles include anxiety, depression, stress, addiction and others. (It sometimes includes conditions caused by traumatic brain injuries. At age 3 onwards till adolescence, brain training a child is at its most effective because this is the time when the brain can absorb information at incredible speed and ease. Of course, the brain can take in anything all throughout one s life, but this is the age period of a person when the brain is regarded as a super sponge . It triggers visual processes that allow you to see beyond the actual image at hand. With your innate ability to mix and match varying forms of ideas as a right-brained person you are able to establish a big picture which is commonly neglected by your lefty counterpart. Mastery of the right hemisphere can be obtained by engaging in games that challenge your brain to go through loops of tasks at a single moment. 

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