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QUANTI ANNI HA IL TUO CERVELLO? Test infallibile con Brain Training su Switch

Remarkable capability Early mental stimulation of a child s mind is crucial on how children will learn and interact with everything throughout his life. Experiences, good or bad, will affect the way how his brain is wired. Brain training takes this reality and advances it for the child s better mental chances. It is a logic-based puzzle which would require you to place numbers in a 9x9 grid. It was popularized by the Japanese company Nikoli in 1986 until it became a hit in 2005. Crossword puzzles. Solving crosswords would help develop different skills like vocabulary, spelling, reasoning, identifying similar and connected words and phrases. The same goes with antioxidant-rich food such as spinach and green cabbage as well as blueberries and raspberries. Other brain foods include those rich in selenium and folic acid like whole wheat and lima beans. Flax, nuts, and foods with nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids (in most cold-water fish) are also very good. Safra Brain Research Center for the Study of Learning Disabilities in the University of Haifa in Israel, dyslexic college students showed improvements in their memory and reading performance after undergoing brain training. The creators of the training believed that through improving the memory capacity, more information could be retained, detected and used by the mind. Brain Training That Parents Could Use Brain training is no longer for baby boomers and elderly and helping them in their battle against ageing and memory loss. There are significant researches showing that brain training and fitness have significant and positive effects on children. In fact, manufacturers are creating games for children aged 4 until 7 years old. Besides brain training should not be like another day in a classroom or office. When buying a brain training program, make sure to get all the necessary sequences or parts of the training. As your brain improves, you will need different challenges which would prepare you for the next step. If you are after comprehensive brain training, then it would work if you would be picking a program that does not only contain brain games. 

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