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Brain training: does it work? by Nature Video

These brain training games, on the other hand, are thought to rush blood into the brain and revitalize the brain cells. In turn, the revitalized cells help minimize the effects of Alzheimer s and dementia. Neuron networks During the several tests performed on people, it was found out that the brain s frontal lobe is affected by brain training. There are significant researches showing that brain training and fitness have significant and positive effects on children. In fact, manufacturers are creating games for children aged 4 until 7 years old. Brain training has been used as cognitive therapy by adults and children who have dyslexia. There are also studies showing that brain training could help children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, in terms of increasing focus and memory retention. While training with sounds, a brain imaging was performed. The areas which do not function properly, becomes activated and showed normal performance for the first time. Aside from the problem areas of the brain, other regions were also maximized during the training. This training is important to help them distinguish the difference between the letters. Next time around if you want to get your mental acts together go out and enjoy what the world has to offer. Medical experts suggest that you spark up your brain at an early age. This act is important in storing cognitive reserves that will help you fend off brain damaging disorders. One method of attracting those reserves is by regularly hanging on to a book that can keep the motors on your brain running. Improved social life Confidence in children is essential for his social life, especially in making new friends, enjoying their company, and this total social experience as he grows. During this time, the child learns to express his own individuality in all areas through art, music, sports, or inside the classroom. In contrast with their untrained counterparts, those who received brain training (memory, speed of processing and reasoning) were reported to have fewer difficulties in doing everyday tasks such as cooking, managing their finances, and following their medication instructions to name a few. Learning-disabled On the other hand, medical authorities are now looking into the big possibility that another set of senior citizens today have learning disabilities. 

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