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Brain Fitness Exercises. Make you smart, Brain activation.Right Brain exercise

Although there is a dominant part in an individual it will help a lot if you are acquainted with different training activities that can help balance brain processes. Your left hemisphere is responsible for filing information in a systematic and orderly manner. It undergoes step by step analysis based on factual and logical details so as to arrive at a more rational and definitive solution for any given complexity and conflict. Start by preheating your brain. Here s a basic challenge you can give it. In performing your daily routines switch to the hands that you don t normally use. Say you re a lefty; utilize the right hand in brushing your teeth, controlling the mouse, or even switching channels with the remote. Do not be alarmed by the awkward feeling. Chronic and long-term stress could hurt the brain function such as memory and motor skills. Stress could also affect ability to focus and concentrate. Relaxation techniques, exercise and a healthier lifestyle could actually help in relieving stress. However, brain training could help in achieving longer results. Some games that are favored by the older adults are those of remembering faces and names and other images. Spatial intelligence The Rubik s Cube is one very challenging game that will not only stimulate your sense of space (what goes where) and foresight (what to move first), it will also force your sense of logic (why should I move this side first? Research also showed evidence that these mental calisthenics had considerably slowed down the effects of aging of the mind and other age-related mental deterioration. This package of exercises usually includes puzzles and logic games, flash cards, video games and other thinking drills. All of them are designed to improve the memory and to help increase concentration. New information changes the brain. This, in turn, makes brain training possible. Commercial games and others There are several good products on the market to increase brain functioning. Leading game companies have interactive games that feature mathematics, logic, reading and other challenges designed as mental treadmills . 

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