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Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch - REVIEW (Brain Age)

The scientists who developed the game all believed it can be a boon to education for the simple reason that it paved the way to improve one s overall intellectual performance. Novelty The new computer-based brain training method designed to improve working memory also managed to increase scores in fluid intelligence or general problem-solving ability. Physical exercises are also important in developing better mental health. Exercise would feed oxygen to the brain, making the blood flow more efficiently and result in growth of new brain cells. In the study, people above 70 years old are subjected to training. Health experts agree that it is better to start early. Improving the mind Initially, these brain training exercises have been developed first to offset or eliminate the effects of Alzheimer s disease, dementia and to generally improve the mind. Alzheimer s, dementia and aging have been found to decrease the amount of blood flow to the brain. These brain training games, on the other hand, are thought to rush blood into the brain and revitalize the brain cells. The following list gives out reasons why the right kind of mental exercises can fortify your brain. It also reiterates what research says about using brain calisthenics to defend yourself against memory loss. (1) Mental decline is not inevitable. Adults can actually grow new brain cells. This reverses the long-held belief that lost brainpower caused by aging cannot be recovered anymore. When a child is diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), parents can have medications for their kids. However, there are studies showing that children who gets medication may also develop a calm behaviour, but showed no improvement in their relationships with peers or grades. Cognitive brain training as a therapy for ADHD sufferers, could actually increase focus and short term memory, according to a research performed by Rosemary Tannock of University of Toronto and Susan Gathercole of the University of Durham in England. Memorize contacts and addresses which may come in handy when your phone s dead. Observe the relaxation that visualization has to offer. Along the way you have the chance to sharpen your mental capability. Choose a place or object. Get the details and write it down or better yet do some sketching. There are tons of ways to win the brain training game. 

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