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9 Brain Exercises to Strengthen Your Mind

Yes, we have heard health experts say that before. Dr Paul Rosch, a medical scientist and stress expert said that stress is one of the major reasons for heart disease, cancer, lupus and respiratory problems. Experiencing constant stress would wear out your mind and body. Brain training is one of the ways to rejuvenate or worn out disposition. In neurofeedback sessions, the state when the mind is its calmest is determined. Consistent coaching would help the person to re-create that state and eventually use it to decrease their anxiety or depression. These sessions would also help a person to consistently practice and reinforce these calming patterns. Worldwide, there are said to be 24 million people who are suffering from a certain form of dementia. If not addressed immediately, the number could reach 84 million by 2040. The Alzheimer s Association in the United States, listed 4.5 million cases of Alzheimer s disease in 2004. Brain Training Brain exercises could help in delaying the onset of dementia. Memory Medical authorities are targeting brain training on the rehabilitation of our three key mental skills memory, visualization and reasoning. Good memory is simply making mental connections. The more connections you have of something, the more likely you can remember it. How does the word sound? What thoughts does it bring to mind? In fact, it is important to stimulate the brain since birth. According to Dr. Gibson, it is more essential to teach children processing skills like sound analysis to help them visualize and create auditory associations. Brain training is significantly different from tutoring. Tutoring children would only help them in reaching specific targets in their academics, while cognitive skills are not fully maximized and developed. Generally speaking, you and other folks think well when you re taking those quiet and peaceful strides. In the scientific arena the explanation lies in the increased oxygenation of your brain. Walking can do wonders to both your legs and brain. It does not strain you leg muscles and glucose uptake is not as high compared to other forms of exercise. 

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