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(Years earlier, it was found out that older adults who neglected or were unable to use their mental powers lost most of their mental abilities after some time.) In the course of these exercises, researchers uncovered another happy discovery. The participants were able to transfer the results of their brain training in their other everyday functions and activities. It does not strain you leg muscles and glucose uptake is not as high compared to other forms of exercise. As for your brain, blood circulation is enhanced which means more nutrients and nourishment are delivered to your control center. Moreover, energy production is improved along with waste excreting processes. Rev your brain up and tease it with playful thoughts. Challenge it every now and then as your day goes on. Develop a habit of engaging in a stimulating talk with a friend or colleague. Take on new hobbies and master new skills. Welcome something new such as learning a foreign language or art. The given actions will improve the blood flow in your brain thereby strengthening the synapses between the nerves. Neurons It had been long established by science that neurons (nerve cells) are unique in that they will atrophy and die if they do not receive stimulations (either electrical or chemical) from their neighboring cells. Conversely, if these neurons are stimulated (by way of new sensations, new knowledge, and new experiences) they develop new neural connections between themselves. Remarkable capability Early mental stimulation of a child s mind is crucial on how children will learn and interact with everything throughout his life. Experiences, good or bad, will affect the way how his brain is wired. Brain training takes this reality and advances it for the child s better mental chances. Also called visual illusions, these images help the eye and the mind to process the objective reality, physical measurements and excessive stimuli (like light and movement) of the object to determine the actual image. Riddles. Riddles are a great way to speed up mind processes. It would help you increase your thinking speed, problem solving skills and mind alertness. 

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