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THE SMARTEST MONKEY ALIVE!! #2 - Doctor Monkeys Brain Training!! - Minecraft Custom Map

Dr Paul Rosch, a medical scientist and stress expert said that stress is one of the major reasons for heart disease, cancer, lupus and respiratory problems. Experiencing constant stress would wear out your mind and body. Brain training is one of the ways to rejuvenate or worn out disposition. The American Medical Association, cited that there are 75% of illnesses attributed to stress. Video game manufacturers have also ventured into brain games. In May 2005, Nintendo debuted Brain Age in Japan, where it reached initial sales of 43,000 copies which eventually reached millions after its international release. A study in the University of Bern, Switzerland proved that fluid intelligence can be improved through different brain games and exercises. Today, we know that the brain is always learning, and that it changes itself with the process and even gets better after sometime. Scientists now also know that average human beings have the ability to change their brain s neural paths with the acquisition of new knowledge and experiences. Other benefits Brain training not only targets old people but also those regular individuals who have a wide range of mental conditions that needed to be addressed. Even at an advanced age, a person should always keep a normal healthy lifestyle. Everything in moderation goes a long way to maintain one s health. Super fuels Certain substances such as caffeine (in coffee and tea) have been scientifically validated as super-fuels for the brain, giving a short-term boost to functions such as vigilance and memory. Nuerofeedback training is not only used by those who have anxiety and depression, those who have experienced emotional trauma, autisms and are suffering from learning disabilities could also benefit from this training. This could also significantly improve social interactions. Unlike medications for anxiety and depression, neurofeedback is unlikely to produce side-effects. Those who have difficulty in reading would often have an abnormal function of the neuron s myelin. By understanding this neurobiological aspect of dyslexia, the researchers were able to design a kind of training which helped dyslexics become better readers after eight weeks of the training. In the training, the dyslexics were subjected into understanding the basic sounds of language rapidly. 

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