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Brain Training's effect on Autism

Your brain is adapting to a new skill and the more you expose it to such activities the more chances you create in strengthening neural connections. Play is the universal language for the little ones. It can be used to improve the brain s network of communication with other parts of the body. The simple act of manipulating clay dough can do wonders for your child s hand-brain coordination. They can pave the way for a healthier brain. With the right training and attitude, you can live a life with a clear head. Have you ever wondered why you preferred to walk off stressful events of the day? Generally speaking, you and other folks think well when you re taking those quiet and peaceful strides. Dr Paul Rosch, a medical scientist and stress expert said that stress is one of the major reasons for heart disease, cancer, lupus and respiratory problems. Experiencing constant stress would wear out your mind and body. Brain training is one of the ways to rejuvenate or worn out disposition. The American Medical Association, cited that there are 75% of illnesses attributed to stress. Advantages The end result is a heightened learning capability for the child that will continue all throughout his life, barring untoward events and the like. This early brain training is a powerful tool for parents for their children to become smarter. The training is even more powerful for parents of children with learning disabilities or other developmental problems. Jaeggi and colleagues gave 35 volunteers a series of training exercises designed to improve memory and 35 more to a control group. Participants saw a sequence of squares appearing one after the other on the computer every 3 seconds. The goal was to decide whether the currently-seen square was at the same position as the one somewhere in the sequence. Once these connections are established, the neurons will all live and grow more connections. In illnesses like Alzheimer s, strokes, and other motor neuron diseases, this self-destruction of neurons can lead to serious consequences. Memory loss, difficulties in comprehension and many other critical mental functions are just some of the sorry results. 

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