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5 Minutes of Brain Training DIRCT FEED Gameplay for Nintendo Switch

In the report released by Ambient Insight, they predicted that there are four products that will increase in revenue: assessments, tutors, brain games for mobile phones and brain fitness games and applications. Investment in companies specializing in brain training has increased over the years. In 2007, about $53.6 million was invested in this industry. As a result of brain training, his healthy advantages swill translate into better physical reflexes (in sports and everyday action) and mental alertness in dealing with many of his life s problems big and small. Better choices, better chances Compared with children with strong cognitive skills, many children with learning disabilities (ADHD and others) tend to be reckless and impulsive. (2) You can build a set of extra neurons (cognitive reserve) in your brain to help offset those you had gradually lost as you aged. A data analysis published in a journal says that a mere 5% increase in the cognitive reserve can prevent one-third of Alzheimer s cases. (3) Frequent cognitive activities can reduce dementia risk by up to 63%. This is like hiding away in the darkest corner of your home doing nothing. During moments of relaxation you can help your brain ease up by adding new terms in your arsenal. Having the right words at the right time can do you great wonders like bagging that position you ve been working on or hitting the jackpot with a date. Commercial games and others There are several good products on the market to increase brain functioning. Leading game companies have interactive games that feature mathematics, logic, reading and other challenges designed as mental treadmills . There are other alternative routines, of course. You can do crossword puzzles, soduku, logic board games or other mental sports. According to new studies, participating in interactive games help maintain cognitive functions. Mental activities like reading may delay or prevent memory loss. Even after five years, older adults who had about 10 sessions of supervised brain training had shown long-lasting improvements in memory, reasoning and speed of processing. 

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