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Neuroscience and Cognitive Training

Nuerofeedback training is not only used by those who have anxiety and depression, those who have experienced emotional trauma, autisms and are suffering from learning disabilities could also benefit from this training. This could also significantly improve social interactions. Unlike medications for anxiety and depression, neurofeedback is unlikely to produce side-effects. Brain training and other mental calisthenics is a one-size-fits-all commodity, except perhaps for the very young and the very old. The following are some of the regular and more common forms of brain training activities. Memory test Memory tests are always fun, and helpful. Test your memory and while you are doing the games, you shall also stimulate your brain, and grow more neurons. There was a cautionary adjunct to that happy news. It declared that while there is evidence that brain exercises do work to slow down cognitive decline , there was also evidence that the really elderly will not benefit from it. To be effective, the study said, these brain training needs to be started while people are still in the 60s or 70s. Brain Training Games Recently on the net, the free brain training games were tested anew. Once again, they were found to improve the mind. There were several mental areas that have improved and were listed down. The improved areas were those that dealt with short and long-term memory, problem-solving skills, and judgment centers. There are also studies showing that brain training could help children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, in terms of increasing focus and memory retention. Children have demonstrated that they are quicker learners. In Jean Piaget s theory on children s cognitive development, there are four stages of cognitive growth among children: the sensorimotor stage (during infancy), pre-operational stage (toddler and early childhood), concrete operational stage (elementary and early adolescence_ and formal operational stage (adolescence until adulthood). If you desire to have the kind which led you to various successful steps of development then you must make it a point to engage in training exercises. No matter how simple or complicated they are, you re assured of continued mental fitness. Start by preheating your brain. Here s a basic challenge you can give it. 

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