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Getting too excited and going beyond will hinder needed retention. Intellectuals who made their glorious way into recognition dared to be different. They slipped away from conventional knowledge and laid out unique assumptions. Question the ones you know off to trigger the thought process on a regular basis. It would take a while before parents would acknowledge that their children are actually suffering from serious problems, thus denying them of proper treatment. The good news is, parents can consider brain training to help children cope with these problems. Contrary to what most people believe, people with dyslexia do not necessarily have low intellect. In Jean Piaget s theory on children s cognitive development, there are four stages of cognitive growth among children: the sensorimotor stage (during infancy), pre-operational stage (toddler and early childhood), concrete operational stage (elementary and early adolescence_ and formal operational stage (adolescence until adulthood). doctors concluded his chess-playing may have helped kept the disease in check. He had also kept his condition in check by bolstering his brains with chess and other intellectual push-ups. (5) Cross-training counts. Focusing only on a single mental activity will not exercise all the cognitive domains needed to keep the brains agile. It may be a bit expensive but the good news is that there are also free online games which would allow you to increase mental exercise. Brain training is one of the emerging market in the United States. In 2007, it was reportedly that brain products are earning about $225 million. What should be kept in mind is that a particular mind training game or program may work for one person but may not be suitable for another. Many took jobs where their disabilities did not affect performance, and they used their excellent survival skills handed down by their resourceful parents. Present struggles Today, many of these adults have problems processing information quickly. They would have problems at check-out counters and in other areas where speed is needed to get by. 

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