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New Brain Training Treatments for Psychiatric Illness: Drs. Josh Woolley & Danielle Schlosser

Those who have not received any training did not exhibit any advancement in their mental activities. Aside from improved memory, there are studies showing brain training also had an effect on the mind s alertness and ability to remain in a positive mood. Brain training, however, is not a standard program for everyone. This is to assess the present electromagnetic readings of the brain, its many parts, and the activities in each of these areas. With the gathered information, doctors would be able to design the proper series of treatment protocols that will fit the needs of the patient. Brain plasticity The whole concept of brain training hinges on the theory of brain plasticity. Although there is a dominant part in an individual it will help a lot if you are acquainted with different training activities that can help balance brain processes. Your left hemisphere is responsible for filing information in a systematic and orderly manner. It undergoes step by step analysis based on factual and logical details so as to arrive at a more rational and definitive solution for any given complexity and conflict. With the right training and attitude, you can live a life with a clear head. Have you ever wondered why you preferred to walk off stressful events of the day? Generally speaking, you and other folks think well when you re taking those quiet and peaceful strides. In the scientific arena the explanation lies in the increased oxygenation of your brain. Gently massage the muscles situated on your jaw and cheekbone area. Mild to moderate pressure should be applied. For two to three minutes ignore everything around you and focus on what you have to achieve. By doing so, you will come out of the exercise feeling revived and ready to take on the challenge at hand. Remarkable capability Early mental stimulation of a child s mind is crucial on how children will learn and interact with everything throughout his life. Experiences, good or bad, will affect the way how his brain is wired. Brain training takes this reality and advances it for the child s better mental chances. 

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