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Brain-Training Game May Help Schizophrenic Patients

Scientific exploration of the hippocampus, a region of the brain overseeing memory and learning affairs, led to findings that running has benefits on the brain. Such activity can lead to brain-boosting scenarios even for those who have neurodegenerative disorders. There s an exercise that you might know as part of the warm-up team. There are studies showing that emotional brain training could actually help in improving stress levels and making a person feel more at ease and relaxed. Anxiety and stress are among the biggest problems that we are facing in a very fast-paced lifestyle we live in. These problems could actually worsen chronic diseases which could make the illness turn for the worst. Other brain foods include those rich in selenium and folic acid like whole wheat and lima beans. Flax, nuts, and foods with nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids (in most cold-water fish) are also very good. Emotional balance and healthy lifestyle Emotional balance is usually attained if a person has a healthy outlook in life. When a child is diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), parents can have medications for their kids. However, there are studies showing that children who gets medication may also develop a calm behaviour, but showed no improvement in their relationships with peers or grades. Cognitive brain training as a therapy for ADHD sufferers, could actually increase focus and short term memory, according to a research performed by Rosemary Tannock of University of Toronto and Susan Gathercole of the University of Durham in England. Choose a spot preferably a wall and sit or stand in front of it. Begin staring at a particular point within eye level. Draw an imaginary figure of eight on the wall. Complete one full round of tracing then go back to your predetermined point. Execute the step again but this time around do it in reverse. This mental exercise limbers up the brain s overall capacity to solve problems. The scientists who developed the game all believed it can be a boon to education for the simple reason that it paved the way to improve one s overall intellectual performance. Novelty The new computer-based brain training method designed to improve working memory also managed to increase scores in fluid intelligence or general problem-solving ability. 

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