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Concentration Brain Training Music

They were also known to offset diseases like Parkinson s, Alzheimer s and dementia. Tested and proven These brain training games were known to be scientifically tested and proven once again to work. So far, these games had been offered to the public to play free of charge. About 7 million people have performed these brain training games. Aside from the problem areas of the brain, other regions were also maximized during the training. This training is important to help them distinguish the difference between the letters. One of the biggest problems of dyslexics is how they distinguish letters with almost similar sounds. The words are broken into sounds and they are exaggerated or slowed down to put emphasis n the sounds. Experiencing constant stress would wear out your mind and body. Brain training is one of the ways to rejuvenate or worn out disposition. The American Medical Association, cited that there are 75% of illnesses attributed to stress. World Health Organization (WHO) identifies stress as the leading health problem among Americans. Memory Medical authorities are targeting brain training on the rehabilitation of our three key mental skills memory, visualization and reasoning. Good memory is simply making mental connections. The more connections you have of something, the more likely you can remember it. How does the word sound? What thoughts does it bring to mind? They can pave the way for a healthier brain. With the right training and attitude, you can live a life with a clear head. Have you ever wondered why you preferred to walk off stressful events of the day? Generally speaking, you and other folks think well when you re taking those quiet and peaceful strides. Your brain does not have the innate ability to store energy therefore it is your job to fuel it with the appropriate nourishment. You cannot tell it to run laps if it s hungry. A diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins is the way to go. This will give your brain an edge in the memory and cognition department. 

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