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The simple brain training that can help you lose weight - BBC REEL

The primary rule is simple practice makes for better memory, visualization and reasoning skills. Neurobics and other tips The secret is to make connections to the new knowledge. Recalling past events refreshes the old sights and sounds (and even smells) and makes them new again. In neurobics, the trick is to simply change daily routines. (It sometimes includes conditions caused by traumatic brain injuries.) Brain training had been able to improve many of these mental troubles. With it, patients were able to benefit such things as mental clarity, emotional well-being, and the old abilities to concentrate. There were others, too, who were able to even enhance their physical performances in sports, for instance. Before computer games are regarded negatively, however there are different computer games developed like Brain Trainer, Brain Workout and Brain Age which are known to develop and stimulate the brain with simple exercises. Popular puzzles like sudoku are also available in gaming consoles and even in cellphones. Generally speaking, you and other folks think well when you re taking those quiet and peaceful strides. In the scientific arena the explanation lies in the increased oxygenation of your brain. Walking can do wonders to both your legs and brain. It does not strain you leg muscles and glucose uptake is not as high compared to other forms of exercise. Cognitive brain training as a therapy for ADHD sufferers, could actually increase focus and short term memory, according to a research performed by Rosemary Tannock of University of Toronto and Susan Gathercole of the University of Durham in England. Brain training as cognitive therapy, like in ADHD cases, could be done using computer programs. It is not just for the elderly anymore, the market is reaching different kinds of people and ages. Even children from ages 4 to 7 are being targets for brain and cognitive training products. In the report released by Ambient Insight, they predicted that there are four products that will increase in revenue: assessments, tutors, brain games for mobile phones and brain fitness games and applications. 

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