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Brain Training Part 1

Studies indicate that people who are so glued to their favorite program tend to go in a neutral state wherein high amounts of alpha brain waves are wondering about the halls of the brain. This is like hiding away in the darkest corner of your home doing nothing. During moments of relaxation you can help your brain ease up by adding new terms in your arsenal. This series of mental drills was first intended to reduce the effects of symptoms connected with Alzheimer s and other related illnesses that lead to the deterioration of such brain functions like memory, perception and reasoning. Later, this developed into a full-pledged health aid when research discovered that brain training had helped improve memorization and visual reasoning. It is a logic-based puzzle which would require you to place numbers in a 9x9 grid. It was popularized by the Japanese company Nikoli in 1986 until it became a hit in 2005. Crossword puzzles. Solving crosswords would help develop different skills like vocabulary, spelling, reasoning, identifying similar and connected words and phrases. If you are tired of playing with predictable individuals in your house or neighborhood you can rely on the World Wide Web to bring forth a roster of international online players willing to take your king down. Music does not only help the brain relax as it can also be a tool that can keep your control unit alert and active. The same goes for the brain, different exercises would help sharpen the memory and enhance focus and concentration. In a brain training program, you would have an idea on the present status of your brain. There are some software for brain games which would help you get an idea how old your brain. Understanding your weaknesses would help you build its strength. These sessions would also help a person to consistently practice and reinforce these calming patterns. The number of brain training or neurotherapy sessions depends on the complexity of the symptoms, as well, as how sensitive the patient is. Each session would usually last from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. 

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