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Unleash Your Super Brain To Learn Faster | Jim Kwik

Mostly, these exercises are being used to improve the thinking and reasoning skills of this older group in our society. (Years earlier, it was found out that older adults who neglected or were unable to use their mental powers lost most of their mental abilities after some time.) In the course of these exercises, researchers uncovered another happy discovery. If action games could help in your mental processes, think about the effects of brain exercises, brain teasers, puzzles, board and card games. Video game manufacturers have also ventured into brain games. In May 2005, Nintendo debuted Brain Age in Japan, where it reached initial sales of 43,000 copies which eventually reached millions after its international release. They are thought to reduce the effects of Alzheimer s-related symptoms and slow down the mental effects of aging. As attested to by MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), people who did their daily mental exercises have shown improved memorization skills. Interdependent components However, today s medical practitioners believe that brain training does not depend wholly on mental exercises which were used to stimulate the brain and develop further its cognitive power. With brain training, different exercises are performed to increase listening, reading, writing, visual and auditory skills. Aside from improving brain processes, it could also considered by a growing number of health professionals as a great way for cognitive therapy. There are studies showing the benefits of brain training for the older generation. Your brain needs to freshen up once in a while. Move away from the monotonous sights, sounds, and smells in your life. A day of driving home using a different route can make a big difference. Open up new pathways so as to increase awareness and interest thereby stimulating brain activity. Although technology is around to make your life easier, take some time off from your calculator and do your math mentally. In the outside world, there are the newspaper crossword puzzles, the popular Soduko, the old standby Rubik s Cube, and some clever mental gymnastics of riddles, other puzzles and many other games. No age limit The body may show some signs of wear and tear and the fatigue that goes with them. Exercises have to be modified to fit the person s age doing the physicals. 

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