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mi madre esta JUGANDO al NUEVO BRAIN TRAINING para Nintendo SWITCH 🤣 ¿Vale la pena?

If you are after comprehensive brain training, then it would work if you would be picking a program that does not only contain brain games. Make sure to pick a program that would help you in applying the techniques on your life, like improving your self-confidence, memory, and even develop speed-reading techniques. Just like regular programs for regular individuals, brain training was found to be most effective when all of the five interdependent components are carried out in full. These components are physical training, emotional balance, mental workouts (the actual brain exercises), nutrition and food supplements and healthy lifestyle. Results demonstrated several exercises that activated the brain's frontal lobe in a most powerful way. Brain power factors An individual s brain power is, in itself, dependent on several factors. These would include the individual s health, diet, sleeping patterns, and the amount of daily brain training he gets. This would help the therapist identify which activities are positive and negative for the patient which would be used for the following sessions. The waves are measure or recorded through the electroencephalogram or EEG. Sensors are attached to the scalp to monitor brain activity. Eventually, the signals are filtered and the feedback can be seen on a screen and can be heard through earphones or speakers. Mostly, these exercises are being used to improve the thinking and reasoning skills of this older group in our society. (Years earlier, it was found out that older adults who neglected or were unable to use their mental powers lost most of their mental abilities after some time.) In the course of these exercises, researchers uncovered another happy discovery. Do not be alarmed by the awkward feeling. Your brain is adapting to a new skill and the more you expose it to such activities the more chances you create in strengthening neural connections. Play is the universal language for the little ones. It can be used to improve the brain s network of communication with other parts of the body. 

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